Bodo offers two ways to sign in to your Jira Instance.

Via web interface

This is the default way to sign-in. It will work for most users. First, make sure to select the correct protocol https://  or http:// , then enter the URL of your instance. This will look similar to the example below.

Sign In default

After clicking Sign-In you will be redirected to Jira’s sign-in page. After completing the sign-in Bodo will detect the redirection and close the window.

Via basic authentication

If your Jira instance is using a Single Sign On (such as Okta, OneLogin, RSA SecureID, etc) you can try to use the direct authentication method. To do so, switch to Basic Authentication mode, via the button at the bottom:

Sign In switching to Basic Authentication

Enter the URL of your Jira, then enter your username and password just like on the web interface.

Sign In Basic Authentication

🚨 If your Jira URL ends with you cannot use your password. You will need to create an API token at the following link Use the created token as your password.

Bodo will use the credentials directly to communicate with Jira. Your credentials are safely secured inside the Keychain app on your Mac.