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Bodo is a beautiful Mac app for Jira, tailored for Designers and Engineers

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Bodo jira client for mac

We love Jira, not the execution

That’s why we came up with Bodo. A fast and beautiful Jira client.
Driven by simplicity, we took out all the unnecessary to make it clear and enjoyable.

Kanban board of Bodo, client osx for Jira

Stop wasting time

Create, edit, and instantly manage your Jira issues. No more slow and painful loadings. You will finally love using Jira.

issue detail of Bodo. Jira client for osx

Tailored for you

Whether you are an Engineer, Designer or Project Manager, we've created this app with your needs in mind. Filter what actually matters to you. Remove unneeded columns and information. Keep it clear, just like water.

Search anything, find everything. We optimised the search, so you always find what you want.

Creating an issue has never been so simple. Only fill in what's actually needed.

We have many features in the backlog. Calendar, To Do, etc... Stay tuned!

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