Spend less time waiting, more time doing

Speed, speed, speed is at the core of the experience. We're always trying to trim milliseconds. After the initial synchronisation, you shouldn’t have to wait.

Declutter your mailbox

We all get flooded by Jira® to the point where emails aren’t even read. Take back control of your inbox with the notifications stream within Bodo. Quickly find out what has been happening and avoid missing important events.

Less noise, more clarity

Not everyone is a Project Manager, you don’t need half the features offered by Jira®. With Bodo you will get the essential, not the superficial.

Working during commutes?

Not a problem. You can read already seen tickets while not having any connectivity. Even if you kill the app, everything is safe. Come back whenever you want.

We're in early access,
here is what's planned

Time tracking

We want time tracking to be smart and unintrusive. Idle time detection, easy access in menu bar, start with a shortcut.

System shortcuts

Shortcuts are great when they are global, not stuck in a browser window. Summon Bodo with a few keystrokes from anywhere.

A home for your issues

If you are always unsure what to work on, this will be the solution. A dashboard view allowing you to see your issues across projects and boards.

beta price

Personal License

$ 34 .95 $79
  • ✓ 14 day free trial
  • ✓ 12 months of updates and technical support
  • ✓ Keep the software
  • ✓ No subscription
  • ✓ 1 computer

Sustainable pricing,
for a long term mindset.

You keep the software at the end of the yearly license. If you want technical support or to receive new updates you will need to renew your license. This pricing model is the best solution for independent developers and users.

Bodo is here to stay. This is just step one of the grand plan.

Visit our pricing page for more information.

Creator of Bodo

Be notified for the launch

Maybe Bodo is missing a little thing?
No problem, we understand. If you want to be notified when the first version hit the store, just let us know.
Your email will only be used for that purpose. Promise.