Spend less time waiting, more time doing

Speed, speed, speed is at the core of the experience. We are always trying to trim milliseconds. After the initial synchronisation, you shouldn’t have to wait.

Declutter your mailbox

We all get flooded by Jira® to the point where emails aren’t even read. Take back control of your inbox with the notifications stream within Bodo. Quickly find out what has been happening and avoid missing important events.

Less noise, more clarity

Not everyone is a Project Manager, you don’t need half the features offered by Jira®. With Bodo you will get the essential, not the superficial.

  • ✓ Clean and simple UI
  • ✓ Hide unnecessary columns
  • ✓ Favourite your most used boards

Bodo is still in Alpha,
here is what's planned

A home for your issues

If you are always unsure what to work on, this will be the solution. A dashboard view allowing you to see your issues across projects and boards.

System shortcuts

Shortcuts are great when they are global, not stuck in a browser window. Summon Bodo with a few keystrokes from anywhere.

Offline reading

If you work during your commute with a patchy connection, you should still be able to browse the last state of your projects.

Join the beta

We are looking for pioneers!
We are slowly inviting people to join our initial versions.
Join the waiting list and help us to create the app you need.